Five New Year’s Tips for Business Owners

It’s a New Year, and that means it is time for New Year’s resolutions. For small-business owners, New Year’s resolutions, or goals, can be exciting and sometimes a little daunting because of the expectations that come with these goals. Setting goals for a small business is all about figuring out what will increase your business’s popularity and sales, as well as figuring out how to get more done in less time.Here are five tips on what small-business owners should consider when thinking about New Year’s resolution ideas and goals.

1. Update. No matter what kind of small business you own, you should have a current and up-to-date website. Keep your website interesting and engaging.

2. Spread the word. Your business will grow only when people know about it. Spread the word online, spread the word through press releases and spread the word locally.

3. Delegate. Hand off the more tedious work to other employees. As a small-business owner you need to focus on bringing in the revenue; let others handle things like social media updates.

4. Handle the legalities. Whether it is taking care of healthcare or branding rights or personal property, it is important to handle any of the legal issues that could come up in your area of business. Be prepared.

5. Use social media. Social media are the bread and butter of the search engine optimization and viral marketing these days. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn can really help spread the word about your business. Get your business on the social media bandwagon to help let the world know about your products and/or services.

By Kenneth Krouge, co-founder of Inside Sales


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