Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with many creative designers. As Advertising & Promotion Manager at Disneyland, Director of Marketing for Universal Studios Recreation Division, and as Senior Vice President-Market & Communications for Playboy Enterprises, Inc., I had graphic design departments reporting to me.

The best designers are those who don’t let design overpower communication; understand that graphic design is a collaborative craft; and focus on combining their creativity with the clients’ needs — that’s what makes Pam Blankenzee and RDzigns such a pleasure to work with, and such an important contributor to the projects we worked on together.

I would never hesitate to involve her in any project where creativity, focus on communication, and professionalism in all areas, are required.

Marty Cooper, CEO
Cooper Communications

We have worked with Pam Blankenzee & RDZigns for several years, on more than one website rebuild.

One of the chronic problems that we – and many of our colleagues – have had to deal with in the past has been unresponsiveness from web developers and service providers. This was NEVER the case with Pam. If we had a problem, or needed immediate help, she got back to us quickly and effectively.

 She is very smart and has a strong grasp of all aspects of web design and development. She also has a deep bench of resources from which to draw for creative solutions to a variety of challenges and opportunities.

 We would recommend Pam and her company whole-heartedly for any web project.

Roy Neves, Publisher
Texas Fish & Game Magazine

I’ve been working with Pam for 7 years now and cannot recommend her services highly enough!

I’ve worked directly with her on website creation & maintenance, social media presence and countless marketing campaigns.  Not only is she a truly knowable professional, but she is also easy and fun to work with. I can pick up the phone anytime and call her directly… and if she doesn’t know how to implement my hairbrained idea right away she is not afraid to figure it out! A true partner for all of my online needs.

Amber Scarborough
South Austin Rotary

I have worked with Pam Blankenzee since May 2017. During that time I have found her to be very helpful and responsive in meeting my website design and maintenance needs.

I inherited an outdated and poorly functioning website for a nonprofit organization I worked with in 2017. I recognized several problems with the website, but did not have any idea on what was needed to fix it. At my request, Pam jumped right in and completely redesigned and rebuilt the website in just a few short weeks. Thereafter, she performed ongoing maintenance.

I’ve come to understand Pam is the kind of person who proactively cares for anything she undertakes. She quickly became a valuable member of my management team, whose expertise and work ethic far exceeded my expectations.

Rick Amsberry, DG 2017-2018
Rotary District 5810 North Texas

RDZigns and Pam Blankenzee has worked with me in the past and helped me develop my business. Pam worked with me to develop my website, which I consider to be the best on the web in my industry. Pam also keeps me advised about the activities at my website. Pam also maintains the Rotary District 5870 Monthly Newsletter and does a great job keeping everyone informed about the activities at the District and Club level. I recommend Pam and RDZigns.

Ed Martin, CFE
Sage Investigations, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Pam Blankenzee for the last 10 years. During that time, Pam was invaluable to me as she performed her duties with a vibrant and professional attitude. Not only was she totally dedicated to my operation but was 100% dependable and professional in marketing my business and building and designing my web site. I would recommend Pam to anyone who needs to market their business and/or create a profitable web site. Pam is constantly striving to learn new things and apply the latest marketing and web design for her clients. Please call me if you want a personal reference.

Cindy Haapala, ARM, CIC, CAC, CSP
P& C Professional Staffing

When it comes to the internet, I rely on Pam Blankenzee to navigate the uncharted waters for me. About five years ago, I started an internet company to raise funds for charities. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Pam and ever since then I’ve grown to depend on her
for all my internet needs.

At first it was to design an interactive website “Shop & Contribute” to raise funds for charities as well as schools and religious groups. Then several years later she designed my website for location managers to use my properties for their film locations. And now she has developed the website for “The View From Over Here” for my internet radio program. In this capacity she not only developed the website but she uses the social network to market this program.

I am the first to admit I have no idea how she does it but I’m very impressed by the results. Weekly we get together to brainstorm and I suggest rather outlandish ideas and she makes them happen. Not only does she translate my idea to action but she additionally adds concepts I never thought about. In total, I highly recommend the services of Pam Blankenzee.

Malcolm Burman
Producer & Program Director, View From Over Here Radio Show

I started using Pam last year when I saw her work that she had done for another (very happy) client. I needed her to do work on a fairly short notice. She responded by providing superlative work well under my deadline. Her work is also consistent, reliable and her new ideas have made the results better than they have ever been.

The results she has accomplished is even more impressive because of the complex nature of our projects. We have to incorporate information sent by folks all over the world in different formats and frequently at the last minute. All that has to be blended together and produced quickly to please a fairly demanding clientele. I recommend Pam at the highest level.

Steve Kessler, Editor
Scouting Rotarian

RDZigns have been an asset to me and my company for many years, assisting us on a multitude promotional activities including: brochure designs, tradeshow booth/graphics design, tradeshow planning, promotional giveaways, and marketing consulting. Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Nguyen Quach, Marketing
Ricoh Electronics Inc

I have used RDZigns for the past seven years for all my design, advertising and marketing needs. During this time, Pam Blankenzee proved to be a valuable asset to my company. Pam was instrumental in developing my company’s online marketing strategy and website design. I would recommend RDZigns to anyone who needs to grow their business. The proof is in the pudding review www.greenpolishingsolutions.com and www.premiercarpet.com.

Alan Comins, CEO
Green Polishing Solutions
Premier Carpets

Ms. Pam Blankenzee has been providing website design and support services for Rotary International District 5870, and other Rotary Districts and Clubs for many years. Her knowledge, professionalism and expertise in web design and web support is nothing less than OUTSTANDING. She is truly the “go to” person for any question or concern about the website. The Rotary District 5870 website was completely redesigned for Rotary year 2012-2013 and Pam was the person that led the effort, meeting every deadline, and addressing endless requests for specific options, web pages and interactive operations. She is a detailed expert of ClubRunner capabilities, and has fully exploited the system to provide a level of web services that meets every requirement for our Rotary District and our Clubs.

She is always looking for ways to improve the website, and ensures the site is current with fresh information not only from those providing input, but also from her research of current Rotary news and issues. Her response to posting and updating request is virtually immediate, often times having the new information posted within minutes of the request. In addition to her expertise in web design and support, she is also an excellent graphic design artist, and is been very helpful in designing content for the website as well as brochures and flyers used to promote our programs and events.

Pam Blankenzee and RDZigns has my strongest recommendation for all levels of web design and support services, including the most challenging, and for the most discriminating client.

Rick Price, DG 2012-2013
Rotary District 5870 Central Texas