6 Word of Mouth Marketing Tips to Get People Talking About Your Business

By Zack Fagan

Ready to give your eCommerce store a marketing boost? Have you thought of trying word of mouth marketing?

Word of mouth is the strongest form of recommendation, and spreads quite quickly too. If people are talking about your business, then you can be sure you’ll get a big lift in your sales from new customers. According to a study done by Ad Age word of mouth can increase marketing effectiveness by 54%!

But wait a minute – word of mouth marketing? How can you increase the word of mouth about your own company?

Excellent question — read this post to find out a 6 ways that you can actually get your customers to talk about your business!

What is Word of Mouth Marketing

Before we get into the different ways to promote word of mouth let’s just quickly clarify what word of mouth is.

Word of mouth is any time someone talks about your brand. That can be in a conversation with their friends, it can be on social media, it can be in your own product reviews – essentially, it can be anywhere. So word of mouth marketing is the act of encouraging word of mouth about your brand.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

1. Promote Word of Mouth by Providing Above Average Service

The very first thing you should look at when trying to figure out how you can possibly get people to talk about your company is actually just that – your company.

Ask yourself a few questions: Do you sell above average products? Do you provide above average service and customer support? Do you deliver an overall above average experience?

It might be useful to take a look at your company from the perspective of your customers in order to answer these questions.

If you answer no to these questions, then there you go, that is the first thing about your company that you need to change.

Think about it like a restaurant. If you go into a restaurant and the food is just OK will you say anything to your friends about it? Probably not. You will only feel the need to say something if the food was very good, or on the negative side, very bad.

If your products or services meet expectations exactly then no one will talk about them. It takes a little extra something to get people talking.

The same holds true of your service and support. Even if you sell relatively standard products, if you provide absolutely amazing service then people will definitely talk about you.   Read More


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